IN MY HUMBLE OPINION, Before I Wake is by far the best of Mike Flanagan’s 2016 movies.

I could also venture that it’s his best movie so far.

It’s filled with the stuff of imagination that makes one glow after viewing it.

So much magic and heart combined with fear and tragedy that can only be born out of dreams and nightmares.

The credit falls upon Flanagan and co-writer Jeff Howard to bring this spectacle to the screen with such wonder and delight.

Following the story of a couple who look to adopt a child after their own heartbreak and ruin after tragically losing their own son some years prior.

So, as they carry this baggage with them and try to repair, both Jessie and Mark have to face their past when Cody comes under their roof.

But all is not as it seems with Cody. 

There is a mystical aura that surrounds him and when he sleeps, something both glorious and sinister occurs.

Again what struck me about Flanagan’s craft as a storyteller is that he is able to show the depth of character with his leads and in doing so, Kate Bosworth’s Jessie shows all her flaws and weaknesses that as a viewer you both empathise and scathed with the same sweeping judgement.

The Diagnosis:

Before I Wake is an emotional journey that reawakens the soul and enriches the senses.

Don’t be turned off by it’s lack of a cinema release as this was purely down to the collapse in finances from Relativity Media.

Before I Wake is now available on Netflix.

Watch it now and fall in love with a supernatural fantasy that continues to delight with every viewing.

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