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And this is certainly going to be the case if The Exorcist is going to stand it’s ground as far as longevity is concerned.

What does go in tis favour is the focus on character development and intrigue around the church’s approach to combating demon hood.

The question is can they sustain this right through the season?
So let’s open up the operating theatre to dissect the latest episode and delve into this plot a little deeper with 5 key points taking from Chapter Four, ‘The Moveable Feast”.

  1. The Breakfast of Champions

This series doesn’t shy away from the blood and gore, much to our delight.

But the dish served to Casey of the bloody eggs and deformed birds had us turning our heads in disgust. (In a good way)

What this scene allowed for was a window into Casey’s soul as she struggles with containing power over the demon.

As we snap back to reality, poor Casey is strapped to a hospital bed and face to face with the ‘invisible man’, as he tempts her to give in to his will.

She finally gives in however when he threatens to kill the Nurse that has been looking after her.
What does this mean now for Casey?
Is she beyond saving or is there still an amount of ‘light’ and ‘purity’ to save her soul?

  1. The comedy element
    For the drama and horror to have a stronger impact on its audience.

In this episode, the comedy element comes from two new characters, the paranormal geeks, Cherry and Lester Rego.
Both of who throw up wild theories and accusations but seemed to land on a kernel of truth, when they point out the growing cases that have been developing in and around Chicago.
They’re light-hearted banter was a joy to watch and I wonder if we’ll see the couple return further down the track.

  1. The hidden motive of Maria Walters

Father Tomas may have been relieved that he has the support and money from a wealthy source in the Papal community, but I can’t help but wonder what her ulterior motive might be.

There were certain looks that she would give and her insistence for Tomas to cash that cheque.

What is driving her will to support Tomas’ parish?

Has she made her own agreement with the Devil?

  1. The temptation of Jessica

Once more, old flame Jessica arrives on the scene to lure Father Tomas away from celibacy.

We learn that Jessica’s current boyfriend has been cheating on her, which results in Tomas showing compassion towards her and offering up his apartment for her to crash in.
But when Tomas shows Jessica that he is willing to break the rules, does this mean that he is letting his defences down and in doing so, giving her the opportunity to show her womanly ways?

Will Tomas give in to temptation and provide the demon what he needs to corrupt his soul?

  1. The power of the Nun
    Hands down though, the best moment in this episode came from the introduction of Mother Bernadette.
    Her team of Sisters is undergoing their own battle with demons in what looks like a demonic version of Fight Club.

Each night they battle it out with a possessed soul to bring them back to the light.

It is a fascinating insight into the methods that the church is willing to undertake in their fight against evil.

This also allows Father Marcus the opportunity to resurrect his faith and “powers’ for want of a better word.
With this restored faith in his ability to confront the demon with love not hate, has him prepped and ready for his next actions.
Speaking of which, it looks like we might be finally getting to the Exorcism of Casey Rance in the next episode, ‘Through My Grievous Fault’.
What will happen now when Father Marcus and Father Tomas team up again to cure Casey and lure the Demon out?
And what will happen when The Demon does come to the surface?