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JOHN CARPENTER’S FOLLOW up to Halloween would come in the guise of The Fog.

Whilst it didn’t come close to success that Halloween would generate, it did generate enough of a following to push Carpenter’s career along and propel him further as a bankable director.

It would reunite him with co-star Jamie Lee Curtis albeit in a smaller role amongst a fairly strong ensemble cast.

Leading the way is Stevie Wayne played by the amazing and beautiful, Adrienne Barbeau pulling out a strong performance as the radio DJ ushering out the warning of the killer fog with those sultry tones……

Whilst on paper, this movie had a great premise and all the hallmarks of a classic horror,  with the classic ghost camp fire story brought to life of ghost pirates out to seek vengeance on a community that did them wrong 100 years ago.

The Surgeons of Horror podcast team pay close scrutiny to the movie and delve into our fifth subject of The John Carpenter early years sessions to find out by asking all the important questions.

Does it live up to its promise and deliver a classic ghost story?

Can fog actually be scary on film?

And more importantly. Are you weird?

Listen to the podcast below to find out our thoughts.

  • Paul Farrell