CATAPULTING ITS WAY to the top of 2016’s best horror list is this movie by director Fede Alvarez (Evil Dead) who appears to be making all the right moves in the genre.

But why are people raving about this film so much?

Well, it appears to be for good reason as Don’t Breathe not only enters the genre with a new twist to home invasion but in doing so breathes fresh new life into this world with a unique approach to horror.

Ask any of my fellow Surgeons about my thoughts on the trailer when it was released and they’ll tell you that I wasn’t exactly glowing with high expectations.

Well, I had egg well and truly on my face when I finally watched the movie, as it was gripping and tense with all the emotions to keep you hooked and on the edge of your seat as the drama unfolded.

Centred on the story of a trio of thieves who usually only take on a heist when they are 100% sure of victory. 

There are doubts but the thought of robbing a blind man of a vast fortune pulls them in with disastrous results.

Hats go off to the cast, with particular nods to Jane Levy as Rocky, the woman hoping that this robbery will be her ticket out of hell, as she goes into the bowels of hell to get that reward.

And also Stephen Lang as the blind man who is not as susceptible as he seems and makes one of the best villains seen in recent years.

All of the ingredients work so well and you can’t but look forward to whatever Alvarez serves up next, which from all accounts could well be this films sequel.

I for one will be waiting with baited breathe to see how and when it will transpire, especially if Alvarez keeps up the pace of his recent outings.

  • Paul Farrell