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Jaws WHERE DO YOU begin when attempting to dissect Jaws and the franchise that it spawned?

It is so iconic, so embedded in the psyche of fans of film and the culture that it hails from.
Hell, it pretty much gave birth to the modern film and created what is now known as the summer blockbuster.

To say that it’s huge is a gross understatement.

Director, Steven Spielberg was only 26 when he made this movie and from the success of this went on to become one of the most successful directors in the industry.

But the final product could have been very different.

Its troubled production has been well reported upon from its lack of script, last-minute casting, and a mechanical shark that didn’t work.

It should have taken 55 days to film but it went on to take 159 days to complete running significantly over the production schedule.

So why and how did this film become so successful?

Its success would inevitably lead to similar themed movies and inspirations; chief amongst these was Joe Dante’s Piranha. A film that doesn’t shy away from the fact that it was a blatant rip off.

The Surgeons of Podcast team had a tough assignment before them in order to tackle such a subject as this.

One could say that we’re gonna need a bigger podcast session in order to carry this thing out. [Sorry, I couldn’t resist]

Either way, the team gathered our thoughts and opinions and tried to suppress them into the below discussion, hopefully for your hearing pleasure.

Take some time to listen to 3 individuals crammed into ‘The Cabin” in order to convey the impact that this movie had on us as individuals and the bragging rights over who was the most affected by it.

Have fun.



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