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AND SO IT would come to pass that director James DeMonaco would delve into another Purge movie where the streets of America are filled with anarchy, marking this the third entry in the series and a fitting as US Presidential Election would also take place in 2016.

The result of which is potentially a lot more scary and hazardous than this film depicts.

For those not familiar with the Purge series, it essentially follows the ratification of the 28th Amendment to the U.S Constitution. 

This amendment establishes a 12-hour event known as “The Purge” which would take place on from 7:00 in the evening ofMarch 21 to 7:00 in the morning of March 22, wherein all crime including murder becomes legal. 

Election Year would pick up in the year 2040, following a lawyer turned senator, Charlie Roan, who is now running for President with the aim of stopping ‘The Purge’ once and for all.

This gets the New Founding Fathers in a knot, so they decide to change the rules and make a Government Official with a rating of 10 or above no longer immune to the game.

This in effect it to make Charlie a target and eliminate her from the running.

But Charlie is a survivor, as evidenced in the opening scene of the movie as she gets through an ordeal back in the original Purge, whilst a masked purger torments and tortures her family.

The movie then takes place as part survival movie and part action movie as Charlie teams up with a group of underground vigilantes and overthrow the corrupt government.

There’s plenty here to keep you salivated and by now DeMonaco has immersed himself so much into the Purge universe, he’s able to spread his wings a little and focus on the impact that these rules have placed on society that little bit more.

Elizabeth Mitchell cuts a fine display as Charlie Roan, a woman who is scared but still has a lot of heart and willing to see the compassion in humanity and restore faith once more.

Frank Grillo also effectively grimaces and grunts his way through the movie as he revisits his character, Sgt Leo Barnes.

Action movies are such a staple of Grillo’s work that this feels like yet another day in the office where he hits each sequence note for note.

Yes Election Year isn’t going to set worlds on fire, but it is a bit of fun whilst still flicking the bird to the people with the power and authority.

Heck it’s even great to see Kyle Secor back on screen hamming it up as Presidential candidate Minister Edwidge Owens.

The films have seen a combined income of over $318 million, so DeMonaco must be doing something right.

With that kind of result you’d be forgiven for thinking about yet another addition to the franchise, but SPOILERS…..

At the conclusion of Election Year, Roan has successfully turned over the amendment and put a stop to The Purge each year.

Combine that with Frank Grillo stating that he won’t be back for another outing, the likelihood that a continuation from the on-screen events is unlikely to occur.

But rumours are that a fourth film is in the works and likely to be a prequel looking at how the New Founding Fathers were formed.

Whatever the outcome it was a fun ride and if you’ve not seen any of the series yet, then perhaps you should get your hands on the trilogy and treat yourself to a Purge.

  • Paul Farrell