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AFTER DEDICATING OUR last podcast season to the early works of the late great Wes Craven, we now switch our attention to another horror film auteur in John Carpenter.

Much like in our last season our method is to look back at his early work and to dissect these movies with great analysis and with a bit a friendly banter along the way.

The first subject to ho under the knife is Carpenter’s first feature, Dark Star, a university / pet project in which he would team up with Dan O’Bannon (Alien) to write, produce, and direct a movie that would gain significant attention from like-minded students and wind up as a classic among sci-fi fans.

Whilst this doesn’t fit among the canon of work that Carpenter would go on to direct, Dark Star certainly has its elements that lift the movie above many of its counterparts.

It must be said though, that this movie plants itself well and truly in comedy territory despite this not being its original intent.

Certainly not worthy of close scrutiny but Carpenter delivers a fun, light-hearted movie all the same.

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