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Some people are born into this world and they don’t fit.

Your Love is Mine is a delightfully macabre and haunting tale of loss, abandonment, and mental health. Society will constantly enforce positivity into the world and forsake the importance that the negative emotions have in order to find equilibrium. If we continue to bury these darker emotions and impel them, we essentially provide no outlet, suppressing it to the point that something or someone will crack.

The idea that love can be possessive and that one can claim ownership or believe that to be in love will answer or solve or life’s problems is challenged here. This is highlighted further when Sam (Lester Ellis) declares his love to Violet (Senie Priti), he struggles to specify what it is he loves about her when questioned beyond exterior qualities.

The story opens with Sam and Violet in this happy place in their relationship; a place of comfort between them but as the narrative unfolds so does the exposure around Violet’s wellbeing; and perhaps is looking for a way out of the dead end town to break the psychological cycle, but will that be enough. The trappings of their environment is a reflection of Violet’s state of mind. One that despite Sam’s efforts, he will not be able to rectify. So when tragedy strikes, the essence of love is pushed to the test. Will it prevail above all? Or is there a line that can never be crossed?

The Prognosis:

The writing/directing partnership of Luke J.S. and Luke Wijayasinha-Gray have crafted an eerie portrayal of instability of the human mind. When confined to the trappings of a dead-end town, how can fragility be set free?

A complex subject is given the means to be explored through beautiful cinematography and solid performances.

The hauntingly emotional journey of the leads are supported by these visuals and is viscerally captured through a soundtrack provided by Keepondancins.

All of the elements elevate these two creatives as names to watch out for.

  • Saul Muerte

Your Love is Mine will be screening at A Night of Horror Film Festival on Sunday Oct 23 at 5pm including a Q&A with writer/directors Luke Wijayasinha-Gray & Luke J.S.