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As mentioned in my article on Werewolf By Night, Disney Plus’ horror content is beginning to be stretched across the bases of sub-genres to draw a broader audience into its terrain. Where Werewolf By Night tapped into the buddy banter and humorous dialogue that we’ve come to know and love from the Marvel universe, and Hulu’s Prey ventured into new terrain for our favourite mandible-featured Predator to wreak havoc upon; Grimcutty attempts to delve into the teen-horror scene through the lens of internet memes that stir the human psyche into panic and fear.

Grimcutty sets the scene from the perspective of the Chaudhry family. When daughter Asha (Sara Wolfkind) starts to show signs of self-harm, her parents Leah (Shannon Sossamon – Sinister 2) and Amir (Usman Ally) instantly begin to believe that she has fallen victim to the latest internet meme challenge that leads to people cutting themselves. Fuelling this is a figure called Grimcutty, a fable created but brought to life by the parents’ fears of the unknown.

The answer, they feel, is to deprive the kids of any form of technology. Naturally, this leads to revolution from the younger generation, angered by their parents’ misunderstanding. Until we come full circle once more with the older generation angered by their daughters’ betrayal. With each step further pushing them apart, the more dangerous Grimcutty becomes.

The Prognosis:

Grimcutty feels like it’s come too late in the game to instil any sense of fear. The notion of something lurking in the cyber sphere to sap the life of the unexpected youth is a tired and stale notion. The manner in which the parents try to place restrictions on their children feels forced in order to tie in with this loose thread of an idea. We’re never really faced with a threat but run through the motions in order to get to the conclusion. A conclusion that is just as predictable as the scenes that precede it. 

  • Saul Muerte

Grimcutty is currently screening on Disney Plus.