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If you’re as hyped for Scream (2022) as I am and you’ve rewatched Scream 1 – 4, here’s 10 more Scream inspired movies to keep the anticipation and celebration going:

1. FREAKY (2020)

This one got lost in the pandemic a bit.
A great horror comedy mash-up (“Freaky Friday” meets “Friday the 13th – originally titled “Freaky Friday the 13th”), like Scream this movie puts characters first and features one of Vince Vaughn’s funniest (and sweet) performances in a while (if not ever?).
The writer has another mash-up horror comedy coming this year, “Time Cut” which is a cross between “Scream” and “Back To The Future.” 

Movie review: Freaky (2020)


A slasher killer is on the loose at a summer camp, and a camp counselorz is trying to survive.
Luckily, he has his horror fan friend on the phone to give him tips on how to make it through.
The friend is played by Alyson Hannigan. It doesn’t get more late-90s meta horror inspired than that!


Obvious? Yes.
Also, a fantastic slasher written by Kevin Williamson who wrote Scream.
This is more of a straightforward 80s inspired slasher than Scream with possibly the most 90s cast ever and one of the best cat-and-mouse stalk sequences in slasher history featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar.


When it comes to slashers, “ya gotta have a sequel!” 
Not as good as the original but in true 80s slasher style, far more bonkers and fun! Our survivors are off to a tropical island featuring Jack Black as a stoner employee, a cameo from Jeffrey Combs and the killer in pursuit.
Extra batshit points for the Killer’s iconic “I Know” message appearing in the lyrics on a karaoke machine, the killer “reveal” being all in the name, and a 90s pop song by Jennifer Love Hewitt in her own film.


A meta movie about a young woman who is grieving the loss of her mum (hello Sidney) but gets to reconnect with her when she gets sucked into a 1980s slasher movie with a group of her friends, one of which is a horror fan.
The mum was a 1980s Scream Queen! Sounds silly and it is (the movie knows it!) but there is also plenty of heart here, and while it is not big on the gore, there is a little blood shed (along with some well-earned tears!).

6. URBAN LEGEND (1998)

Riding on Scream’s success comes this slasher about a killer who uses urban legends to dispatch their victims.
You know the one about a dog in the microwave, or the person who wakes up in a bath full of ice with their liver missing?
Cameos from Robert England, and Brad Dourif along with Joshua Jackson’s character acting unimpressed by the Dawson’s Creek theme song add to the 90s fun.
It’s the Killer’s final reveal and monologue (complete with PowerPoint presentation) that rivals the crazy killer monologue performances from Scream 2 and 4 that really makes this a slasher stand out!


Another sequel that brings more slashing and silliness. Released the same year as Scream 3 (which takes the killings from Woodsboro and Windsor College to Hollywood), this Scream sequel knockoff isn’t hiding the “inspirations” with a story set at a film school where the main character is making a movie about urban legends.


A horror comedy that, like Scream, puts a new spin on the genre.
This time a slasher gets the “Groundhog Day” treatment when a college student is forced to live her death over and over again until she can uncover the killer’s identity. The movie is more comedy than horror but features an incredible final girl performance by Jessica Rothe whose arc that goes from harsh bitch to heartfelt hasn’t been this good since Gale Weathers.

9. CHERRY FALLS (2000)

This one came out at the end of Scream knock-off era and might be an acquired taste (that being “What the hell am I eating/watching?”).
From the director of Romper Stomper comes a slasher where the killer is targeting virgins.
The only way to survive is have sex!
The studio became nervous (because of the content and ailing box office for slashers at the time) and the film was heavily cut and dumped.
It’s a shame because this entertaining oddball oddity with excellent performances from Brittney Murphy and Michael Biehn is well worth seeking out for hardcore fans of the genre. 

10. READY OR NOT (2019)

Not a slasher but a comedy horror (maybe more comedy thriller?) directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett who have the mammoth task of taking over directing duties from the great Wes Craven on Scream (2022).
Another brilliant final girl performance from Samara Weaving, a common theme on this list and the key ingredient to the success of the Scream films – all hail the queen that is Neve!
Ready or Not demonstrates these directors have exceptional skill at balancing scares, laughs, tension and drama and is all the proof you’ll need that the beloved Scream franchise is in very good hands.

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