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I’m sure every family has their quirky rituals, but for the Le Domases theirs are deadly.

Bright-eyed bride Grace (Samara Weaving) is willing to endure a lot so she can wed the love of her life Alex (Mark O’Brien), the prodigal son of the Le Domases – a mega rich family who made their fortune in the gaming industry, think Parker Brothers or Milton Bradley.
She’s endured advances from Alex’s alcoholic brother, snarky looks and comments from his disapproving father and aunt.
All to become part of a family unit she always desired growing up as a foster child. But the leers and sneers were the easy part, she must participate in one more ritual…to become a true member of the family, she must choose a card from a mystical box and play a game.

Unfortunately for Grace, the card she’s given is “Hide and Seek” (the one card every potential family member dreads), where the family must capture its newest member and kill her in a ritual sacrifice before dawn….as I said, every family has their quirky rituals and who am I to judge…
I mean, hell no!

What ensues is a bloodthirsty, light-heartedly sadistic cat and mouse game set around an old gothic country manor.
This is The Most Dangerous Game meets You’re Next.

The script is fun, the cinematography filled with close-ups to accentuate the claustrophobia of being trapped in a house hiding and fighting for your life, but it’s Weaving that’s the big stand-out.
The whole cast are fantastic, Andie McDowell especially, is gloriously evil – have we ever seen her in this sort of role ever??
However, after showing us her scream-queen chops in The Babysitter Samara (niece of Hugo) Weaving is an absolute horror mega-star in waiting, this is the perfect vehicle for her and she absolutely shines as the blood splattered bride.

The Diagnosis:

“Seek” this one out, it’s gory fun with a deadly sense of humour.

  • Myles Davies