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Probably one of the most surprising hits for me so far in 2021 comes Shadow In The Cloud, directed by Roseanne Liang, and starring Chloe Grace Moretz (Let Me In, Carrie).

The reason I was surprised is because on face value it comes across as quite cheesy, particularly if you’re judging from the trailer.
What I liked however, (Maybe the surprise factor doesn’t come in when you know that writing duties alongside Liang for this film was Max Landis. Obviously he’s the son of famous director John Landis – An American Werewolf In London.) there’s a lot of great humour in this film.

The premise of this film which is set in World War 2, sees Moretz play an Air Force Woman, Maude Garrett, who’s on a strange mission, which we’re not too privy about from the beginning. Garrett is supposedly carrying secret documents and ends up on flight from Auckland to Samoa. 

The problem arises with suspicion centred around Garrett’s character, and who she really is, highlighted by the improper manner in which she gets onto the plane. 

Not only that, things become more sour when it is discovered that there is a gremlin that has some stowed on board. This gremlin for good or ill, serves as a great metaphor for harbouring secrets, disillusionment and distrust among the crew. 

The more this is heightened and comes to the surface, the more the gremlin pulls apart the machinery and causes great drama. 

Primarily though, this is a story of female empowerment; imprisoned against her will, her skills and abilities constantly questioned, and treated like a sex object, until the shit hits the fan, and Garrett could potentially be the one person to save them.

The Prognosis:

It’s a great little piece. 
I love the humour of it.
Moretz for me, never fails when she performs on screen. I think she’s a solid, solid actress.
The energy and the feel of this film makes this for me a real surprise hit and i highly commend Liang’s directorial style.

  • Saul Muerte