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Directed by Vincent Parranaud, who also co-wrote the screenplay alongside Alexandre Perrier, Hunted stars Lucie DeBay and is currently available on Shudder.

The film may speak on a very average sense, but there are some elements that I did enjoy.

While it does tap into that thriller element that we see all too often, with a woman being hunted, or the victim, or being chased down by either serial killers or someone planning to do ill.

Hunted taps into these themes in a big way.

Lucie DeBay plays the central character, Eve, where we get two guys who accost her when they trick her into getting into their car and end up in the woods.

From here all manner of stuff arises as the film becomes a story of survival.

What I kind of like about the film is that it’s basically The Little Red Riding Hood story inverted with a lot of the story elements coming to the fore.

The character Eve wears red throughout most of the movie.

The woods obviously ties in really nicely which includes a twist on the woodcutter component that comes into that fairy tale.

Obviously the biggest image at play is the wolf, which at first comes across as the men, but there is this dog-like energy that comes across the movie and propels the narrative to a bitter and frenzied conclusion.

The Prognosis:

I like these elements that Parranaud plays with which slightly elevates it above the average movie.

  • Saul Muerte