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THE PENULTIMATE EPISODE has a tough task to undertake.

It’s sole purpose is to tie up all the strands that have been laid down prior and build itself up with enough of a teaser to allow the final episode to produce the climax.

What will become of the Rance family now that Angela has given her soul to Pazuzu?

Will Father Marcus follow the breadcrumbs left by Father Bennett?

Will Father Tomas finally resist temptation?

Let’s take a look and dissect Chapter 9, “126”.

Warning, there are spoilers ahead.



  1. “Take me instead“
    If any of you were wondering, at what point Angela had given of herself to Pazuzu, your query was answered this week.
    The torture that was constantly being inflicted upon Casey was too much to bear, so to save her, Regan pleaded for her daughter’s life in exchange for her own.
    All of which curiously led to “3 Little Dogs sitting on my doorstep, growling a sweet growl”
    And time for Pazuzu to tie up lose ends. 
  1. The Friars of Ascension meet their match
    Just how powerful is Pazuzu and what demons lie behind or entwined within the Friars of Ascension cult.
    Pazuzu is certainly powerful enough to force the cult members to bow to his demands.
    We see throughout this episode the extent of his manipulation, both physically and mentally.
    So it’s interesting to see that despite resistance, they are unable to fight Pazuzu.
    Does this mean that the Friars are less threatening as a result?
  1. The Rego’s get too close to the fire
    The first of our victims would turn out to be The Rego’s.
    Too much snooping cost them dearly and so Lester and Cherry, The Exorcist’s answer to the Lone Gunmen (X-Files) met their maker.
    I guess someone had to go, and God forbid it should be any of or leads.
  1. The victory lap
    Content on bringing about an end to those that crossed him, Pazuzu then sets his eyes on Mother Bernadette. “There’s been a great disturbance in the force.”
    You could almost hear her saying this when she mentions sensing Pazuzu’s entrance.
    What Mother Bernadette probably didn’t predict was just how damning and vile this demon can be as Pazuzu snuffs out her life like one would to the flame of a candle.
    Another character that had promise but felt as though was cruelly robbed of any further exploration in order to prove the daunting task our Exorcists will have if they have any chance of destroying him.
  1. The Set Up
    And so we come to our 3-pronged storyline and what will inevitably be our final conclusion to the Rance family possession.
    Firstly – Father Marcus has the devil in him.
    His drive for revenge leads him to Father Simon. And boy does he let loose.
    But it’s not enough to finish off Father Simon yet (of course) as he is saved by a couple of lackeys and Marcus is whisked away.
    And Father Tomas receives a revelation in the page of a book by Chris McNeil, proclaiming that the demon will chase Regan/Angela until the end of time.
    Cue him chasing back to the Rance household to break up a family meeting.

Are we set for an epic conclusion?

Will The Exorcist reach a satisfying end to this chapter?
The Surgeons will tune again next week to give our final assessment.