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OF ALL THE EPISODES so far, this one really felt like the series was treading water and stretching out the storyline.

Having said that, it still had little moments, gems if you will that kept you hooked into the direction that the series was going in.

But only just.

Let’s take a look at those moments in Chapter 7, “Father of Lies”.

Warning, there are spoilers ahead.

  1. Father Tomas steps up
    Since his fall from grace, Father Tomas has set out with a point to prove.Yes, he fell foul to temptation with Jessica, and there is doubt to be looked at still when it comes to their relationship.

    But, Casey is a member of his patronage.

    And there is a sense of loyalty on Father Tomas part to stand by his pack.

    He will strive to do what he can in order to save Casey.

    And there was one moment above all else that stood out in this episode when he stands between her and Father Marcus.

    At this moment he directs Casey to bow towards him. He is her saviour.


  1. The power of God
    One thing that may be worthy of noting is Father Marcus’ belief that the power of God runs through his hands.His belief is carried on from when he temporarily saved Casey’s soul last week.

    But is this self-belief going to be his undoing?

    So far, not much has shaken Father Marcus, but his confidence in his gift, could well see him trip up.

    Especially as he’s so good at pointing out everyone else’s flaws.

  1. Father Bennett challenges The Friars of Ascension 

    It was an episode that allowed doubt to creep in.Mother Bernadette doubts Father Marcus can save Casey and believes her soul is lost.

    Angela questions Tomas and his faith that Casey is still alive.

    But nothing is more potentially damning than when Father Bennett starts to question the representatives within the Friars of Ascension.

    Something is amiss and Father Bennett doesn’t back down from his hunch.

    But will this lead him down a path that he won’t be able to return from?

  1. Father Bennett’s descent into hell 

    Speaking of Father Bennett’s journey, his pursuit would lead him down a dark path, where he would discover the bloody corpses that are being used for some kind of sacrificial pact and literally has to fight his way out in order to survive.

  1. Father Tomas goes off the rails 

    The pressure becomes too much thought for Father Tomas and he spirals downwards.
    Believing that all could be lost, he loses his normally cool demeanour and God-like ways and lashes out on one of his flock.With no one to turn to, he calls upon Maria Walters, much to her delight.

    Will she now be looked upon kindly by the demons that she is so devoted to?

  1. Angela’s decent into madness 

    And what was actually an incredible performance (which I was surprised to see from Geena Davis) was Angela’s loss of faith in all around her when she truly believes that Casey has gone.It was both believable and tragic when she learns that all is not lost, at least not with Casey, but perhaps now the Demon has his ultimate prize in his sights?

    The soul of Angela is there for the taking.