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THE EXORCISM has been performed albeit without the desired results that Father Marcus and co. were hoping for

So… Where does that leave things for this series?

The writers and producers would have known that there was only so much rope to tie around the Rance’s possession, and with last week’s revelation that Angela is indeed Regan, where does that leave things?

What more damage can the demons accomplish?

Well, let’s take a look at Chapter 6, “Star of the morning” to see if there were any clues.

Warning, there are spoilers ahead.

  1. Chris MacNeill sold out
    Towards the beginning of the episode we are provided with something of a flashback.
    Basically, in the series version of Chris MacNeill, there is a lack of empathy towards her.
    After the ordeal that her daughter went through during the exorcism, Chris’ acting work dried up and she was left with the option of writing a book exploiting Regan’s demonic encounter entitled The Devil In My Daughter.
    The impact that this had between her and Regan was evident in the latter moving away and changing her name.
    What does it mean now that Chris is back on the scene though?
    Can she really change her ways and more importantly, will Regan forgive her for her sins?
    There is a moment in the morgue when it is revealed that the body is not Casey, that suggests there is hope there yet when both Chris and Regan hug, but again, is this just a false ray of hope for what is to come? 
  1. Father Tomas’ descent
    It appears that the Friars of Ascension’s hopes of luring him into their fray has come undone by the temptation of Jessica that they unleashed upon him.
    His distractions have led him down another path, but can he be saved and will he redeem himself yet?
    It appears that he is still willing to prove himself to Father Marcus.
  1. The Friars of Ascension
    The main focus moving forward does appear to be on the devil cult known as the Friars of Ascension, who have attained some pretty powerful representatives from the city of Chicago.
    Chief among these gatherers, priest aside, was the Chief of Police, hand picked by the demon himself to become, “One of Us”, much to Maria Walters chagrin.
    With the demon / devil attaining more and more power from Chicago’s officials, what is the end game here?
    And why is Father Tomas so important for their succession? 
  1. Dead bird gorging on the river bank
    When Father Marcus finally does catch up to Casey, it is via tunnel network underground riddled with the possessed homeless.
    We see Casey in full demonic mode, and even taking on the spider walk to make good her escape.
    Father Marcus persists however, stumbling across Casey by the river, washing away her sins in a baptism as he performs his last exorcism upon her and freeing her soul.
    It all seems a little too easy by this point.
    Why does the demon give up on her now?
    Now that Angela has revealed herself as Regan, does the Demon want to exploit this further and claim her as his prize?
    We’re well and truly past the halfway mark now, with four episodes remaining.
    We’ve made it thus far, but can’t help hoping that they’ve left some kind of ace up its sleeve as the show is in danger of losing interest fast.


  • Paul Farrell