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THIS WEEK’S EPISODE appeared to follow firmly in the footsteps of its inspiration.

For sometime, this series has been circling around some issues that were questionable and at times uncertain of direction.

But with last night’s reveal, things began to cement itself in place and a clearer direction was left in place.

So let’s open up the operating theatre to dissect the latest episode and delve into this plot a little deeper with 5 key points taking from Chapter Five, ‘Through My Most Grievous Fault.”

Warning, there are spoilers ahead.

  1. Angela is Regan
    It was the elephant that had been in the room staring us in the face with no one daring to utter the obvious.
    Yes, the reason that Angela was so quick to recognize her daughter’s possession is that she had witnessed a similar episode before firsthand.
    What’s more she is Regan from the original storyline and inspiration for the series, now all grown up with a new identity.
    A secret that she even kept from her husband Henry. How will there relationship play out now that this has been revealed?
    We all know that the past has a way of catching up with you now matter how hard you try to run away from them.
    And there’s no hiding from these feelings from God or the Devil for that matter, for they know all.
    Now that the demon has found Angela again though, what is his grand plan? Why the fascination with her?
  1. The temptation of Jessica part 2
    Speaking of fascinations, the inevitable occurred when the demon explored Father Tomas’ one weakness, his feelings for Jessica.
    Sex is one of the Devil’s greatest assets to exploit and greater men have crumbled.
    Left with his tail between his legs, how will Father Tomas come back from this? Especially as he ‘sowed his seed’ with Jessica anyway,
    Can he truly redeem himself after exploiting his temptation and giving in to his desires?
  1. Katherine’s Lament
    She may have had her heart in the right place but boy did Kat play into the Devil’s hands.
    She firmly believed that she was helping her sister by calling the police, but all that she enabled was to let the devil roam free.
    Will her good nature be her own undoing?
    Has turning her back on her family only pushed her further away from them?
    The cracks have will and truly appeared and there’s no knowing if they can reunite together again. 
  1. The return of Chris MacNeil
    This is one area that caught me off guard a little.
    I liked the nod to the ray of hope cast from the street light and the expectation that this savior could be another expert priest arriving on the scene, but the reveal that this was Chris MacNeil left me deflated, it was all very well leaving us to believe that Regan was back on the scene but to introduce her mother too felt a little too far fetched.
    But is this revelation a false hope?
    Will her introduction and its likeness in symbolism to the original film spell out doom for her?
  1. The Devil on the run
    And what of Casey? Having finely tune her devil’s side and giving an Ambulance and its occupants a fine work over that would make the likes of Michael Myers blush, she is now on the loose.
    What end to this game of cat and mouse?
    Will she be found and in what state will she be in if they find her?


 – Paul Farrell