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OFTEN VOTED best Horror film on some fan bases, The Exorcist has become a fixed entry in the genre and yet it’s makers and stars would taut the movie as a theological thriller, not a horror as it is perceived.

So why is it classified as such?

It’s certainly a film that resonates after viewing and stands firm today in part due to its strong direction and performances to match.

Along with it comes a crew that were dedicated to capturing a believable scenario, in the days when CGI wasn’t around as a device.

Hard to imagine these days, when it has become so intrinsic to the art form.

There are images that have inspired.

There are lines that are all too readily quoted by those swain by the material.

There were talks of a curse that had fallen upon those involved in the making.

And there have been numerous conversations on the lengths that director, William Friedkin would push his performers in order to achieve the results he desired.

All of which have kept The Exorcist in the limelight.

So how does it fair under closer scrutiny?

Check out The Surgeons of Horror podcast below as we take it under the knife and dissect the movie.

– Paul Farrell