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Just three years after the original hit our screens, Michael Myers would return to Haddonfield, transporting him from Horror icon to legendary status.
Along with it, the Halloween franchise was born.

John Carpenter would vacate the director’s chair for Rick Rosenthal, but would still play an active role in the screenwriting and production of the movie, alongside Debra Hill.

Also returning to the franchise would be Donald Pleasance as Dr Sam Loomis and Jamie Lee Curtis as the ever-troubled Laurie Strode.

Interestingly set over the course of the same Hallows Eve of the previous movie as Myers continues on his killing spree.
But does Halloween II fall under the curse of movie sequels, doomed to live in the shadows of its successful predecessor?
Or does it stand out in its own right, a successful addition to the Halloween series?

The team at Surgeons of Horror dissects the movie in question to try and answer these questions and more.

Listen below to our thoughts and opinions in the first of our Halloween franchise discussions.

  • Saul Muerte