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There will always be an infinite fascination with the evil of mankind and this association with humanity’s most extreme atrocities that were carried out with the Second World War by Nazi Germany. And not for the first time, the horror film genre takes this theme and plants a group in an isolated environment where they are trapped from any hope of escape.

This is the basic premise for Bunker, where a group of soldiers embark on a mission that takes them deep in the trenches of a war-torn land and ventures into the titular bunker. Once underground and retreating from the torrent of carnage above they find something far disturbing and cataclysmic.

The warning signs are there for the squadron, charged with the mission as the trenches appear deserted and the bunker in question barricaded by the Nazis from the outside. There must be something truly evil to break fear in mankind’s darkest tribe.

Once inside, the troop encounters a German officer, Kurt (Luke Baines) constrained, (another clue to the danger they are yet to face) and slowly they become fractured and the bond much needed to survive becomes frayed. This is no longer a physical conflict but a psychological warfare, where they must use their wits and prevent any external threat from entering their minds. Is this a case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the works? Or is there something far more sinister at prey?

The Prognosis:

The feature is a little on the lengthy side for what is essentially a psychological trauma flick placed in a darkly, destructive setting. While the characters could have more depth to them, Patrick Moltane’s Lt. Turner is delightfully twisted and you can see the fun being played in his portrayal of the commander of the group. 

If there was a little more attention on character to provide substance to the piece, and some time shaved off from the running time, Bunker could have been a worthy watch. Instead it’s just average viewing. 

  • Saul Muerte

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