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I have something of a love/hate relationship going on with the works of Australian film director Chris Sun. While I loved the brutality of Charlie’s Farm, I struggled to connect with modern ozploitation flick Boar, namely for the poor dialogue and weak acting.

His latest effort The Possessed boasts Wolf Creek’s John Jarratt as its lead, playing exorcist Jacob Chandler. The character of Chandler is based on a real life accidental exorcist and the inspiration behind the movie.

Jacob has been using his paranormal powers to rid the locals of unwanted demonic spirits, and is helped by his nephew Liam (Lincoln Lewis- Bait) to carry out this dark deed. The trouble is that these possessions are growing in number and seem to have a vested interest in Jacob, becoming stronger with each cleansing.

Throw in the mix, Liam’s girlfriend, Atalie (Lauren Grimson – Wyrmwood: Apocalypse) who also has the ability to see demons; and her friends Carissa (Simone Buchanan) and Orion (Jade Kevin Foster) and we have a team of untrained, inexperienced demon hunters to try and rid the town of evil.

The Prognosis:

The premise is an interesting one, and the growing menace that is plaguing Jacob and those he loves with the based on real events aspect grounds the film into a realm of watchability.

The issue however is one that appears to torment Chris Sun’s filmography; on-screen talent and weak scripting.

He continues to deliver a strong concept and in this case, some amazing effects, but beneath the surface, the old production scars run deep. Too often the audience is left drifting from one scenario to the next without any clear narrative to tie it all together. For this, The Possessed will always leave you wanting.

  • Saul Muerte

The Possessed is currently available to buy on Blu-ray and DVD courtesy of Umbrella Entertainment.