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For the first 20 minutes Raven’s Hollow falls dangerously into made for tv territory, but not in a high standard way. Then it shifts into something that is something of note. Yes, the standard isn’t high and the CGI suffers a little, but beneath the surface is an interesting concept with solid performances to support this idea.

The fictionalised account of writer, poet Edgar Allan Poe’s military career as he leads a quartet of cadets through upstate New York when they encounter an isolated  community harbouring a  paganistic secret. These visions and events will eventually inspire his writing profession down the track. 

Poe (William Moseley – The Chronicles of Narnia) and the cadets are drawn to the strange titular town when they find a man that appears to have been sacrificed by some occult. Cue lots of witchery, cult-like behaviour, combined with a raven-like creature that appears to have a strong hold over the settlement.

Poe soon takes on an investigative role to uncover the truth about the mysterious happenings of Raven’s Hollow and in doing so, ignites the narrative a little, drawing the audience in. 

The array of townsfolk on display from the talents of Melanie Zanetti, David Hayman, and Kate Dickie add strength to the mix and along with it, an air of mystery that surrounds them. 

As the bodies start to pile up, so does the pressure to solve the case and end the curse.

The Prognosis:

The premise is enough of a hook for a movie which admittedly suffers under a shaky execution. This is more down to budget restraints though than poor production. The story holds true with enough twists and turns, supported by an able cast that bring about intrigue and supernatural elements to tie you to the story’s end.

  • Saul Muerte

Raven’s Hollow is currently streaming on Shudder.