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There was a 21 year absence on the screen for Ash Williams between Army of Darkness and Evil Dead (2013), but the appeal of this character would generate a three season arc in Ash vs the Evil Dead shortly after, such was the hunger for more.
Behind Ash’s charisma though is the actor who portrays him, Bruce Campbell has drawn people into his aura ever since. So it is probably no surprise that Black Friday would be the seventh most pirated movie Stateside at the time of its release last year.

As the name would suggest, this horror comedy feature would be a sweeping, tongue-in-cheek stab at consumerism at its worst.

Our story centres on the storefront workers of a generic All-Mart store ahead of the biggest shopping event of the year across Thanksgiving weekend. There are real-life tales of just how barbaric these days can be, but the horror will take on new means as a mutant, parasitic organism lands at said store, and begins to consume both workers and shoppers alike.

The ragamuffin staff must learn to put aside their differences to not only keep shoppers at bay, but also fight for survival and somehow make their way out of this nightmare.

Campbell’s chops are fairly sedate in this one as the store manager and play-by-the rules kinda guy, Johnathan Wexler. A man that despite his appearance, truly does care about his co-workers. 

To beef up the cast, we have some strong players too, with Devon Sawa (Hunter, Hunter) as Ken, a down-and-out family man who is now separated from his wife and struggling to still be a dad to his two daughters; Ivana Baquero (Pan’s Labyrinth) as hard-hitting, streetwise Latino, Marnie; bumbling newbie, Chris (Ryan Lee) and takes-no-shit, and guy who gets things done, Archie (Michael Jay-White).

Amongst them, they must learn to vanquish this entity that seems to take over its hosts, and keeps on mutating to eventual epic proportions.

The prognosis:

The effects are pretty decent, and the acting is solid, but the laughs are few and far between and not even The Chin himself can lift this movie beyond mediocre.

This B-Movie inspired film doesn’t disappoint as far as keeping you entertained but neither does it deliver anything new or inspiring to lift its grisly head in order raise the roof, happy to sit in its own comfort zone.

If you’re looking for a bit of entertainment for the night with pizza and whatever your poison may be, then this will satisfy to a degree, but don’t expect anything outside of the box.

  • Saul Muerte