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Slaxx is one of those movies that on paper smacks of the ridiculous and even though its moralistic message is on overkill, the film itself actually surprises.

The movie narrative follows a young sales clerk Libby (Romane Denis) starting her first day for a corporate clothing store that prides itself on producing high quality clothing using naturally organic fibres.
It doesn’t take long for Libby and the audience to realise that the company is with wankdom and its employees are equally vacuous and insipid.
Thankfully for us, that means there is plenty of unlikeable victims to meet a grisly encounter.

The mode of slasher/stalker isn’t exactly what you’d naturally expect and where the farcicial component comes into effect, as a pair of killer jeans.

Part of Slaxx’s appeal comes with the comical tone that Director Elza Kephart plays throughout the movie, whilst also delivering some satisfyingly gnarly deaths.
A fine line to balance on without falling into lame or over the top ridiculousness, which Kephart delivers with ease.
Hats off to the Bollywood dance number, which could easily have tipped things off kilter but manages to hang on by it’s sheer audacity and having placed the attitude tongue firmly in it’s cheek from the get-go.
And with pretty much everyone up for grabs having all bowed at some point to consumerism and being guilty for succumbing to hedonism at some point, the kill count is gonna be gloriously high.

The Prognosis:

There’s a lot of fun to be had in this over-the-top, hilarious, and bloody tale of killer jeans on the rampage.
Yes the morals smack of overkill but can be forgiven for its humour and is for proudly  wearing its identity on its britches.

  • Saul Muerte