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It’s been a while since a movie has tapped into the feels of 80s flicks such as Monster Squad or to a lesser degree The Lost Boys but with Osmany Rodriguez’s sophomore outing in the director’s chair of a feature length movie, Vampires vs The Bronx, we come damn close.

Much like how The Stranger Things was able to breathe fresh life into the SciFi horror genre with an adventure aimed at kids whilst appealing to adults alike, this film delivers a fun-filled ride with a thrilling edge to it.

It may not go too dark, but does enough to satiate the senses that you would hope for from a teen horror flick.

Set in a small part of the Bronx, young Miguel (Jaden Michael) has been trying to raise awareness that they are subject to gentrification, especially from the mysterious  Murnau properties (a great nod to FW Murnau who directed 1922’s Nosferatu).

Miguel and his two friends Bobby and Luis to save their local corner store by hosting a block party. It is here that Miguel witnesses the killing of a guy called Slim by the hands of a group of vampires and is hotly pursued.

From here on in Miguel must do all they can save the Bronx from these fanged invaders.

The Prognosis:

There are some great support roles from the adults in the movie, namely the always brilliant Sarah Gadon as Vivian, the equally sublime Shea Whigham as human servant Frank Polidori (again another great nod to the author of The Vampire),  Method Man as the Lord’s servant, Father Jackson, and Zoe Saldana as Becky.

But it’s the kids that own this movie and riff off each other with great energy and enthusiasm that peppers the story along.

It doesn’t offer anything new, but it does entertain. Well worth your time.

– Saul Muerte