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Whilst some reviewers have dismissed this film as your average middle of the road affair, there’s more than meets the eye from the vision of director Marc Meyers (My Friend Dahmer) and I’m not just talking about the casting of Alexandria Daddario (Texas Chainsaw 3D) as one of the films’ leads. 

The reason I feel that this film deserves more praise and not be shafted into the mist of other On Demand titles, is down to screenwriter Alan Trezza’s clever subversion of the expected and the turning of some stereotypical plot points. This combined with witty scenes and dialogue along with a strong cast to carry out the beats with aplomb. 

The film follows three best friends, Alexis (Daddario), Val (Maddie Hasson – Twisted), and Beverly (Amy Forsyth – Hell Fest) who undertake a road trip to a heavy metal concert where they encounter three struggling musicians, Mark (Keean Johnson – Nashville), Kovacs (Logan Miller – Escape Room), and Ivan (Austin Swift), and appear to form an affinity for one another. And yet when it comes to We Summon The Darkness, you should not rely on its appearances, for no one is as they seem.
When the trio of girls invite the three musicians back to Alexis’ fathers mansion, things take a sinister turn and the first of many revelations occur. 

Joining the cast as they battle a potential satanic ritual in the making, is pastor John Henry Butler played by Johnny Knoxville, and chews through every scene he’s in with absolute confidence and swagger.
It’s a joy to see Knoxville on screen again and soaking in his magnanimous character. 

In fact, the energy of this film is part of its appeal, as each character engages the audience and with every shift and turn they make, draws you in further to the narrative and encourages you to follow to its conclusion.

The Prognosis:

For it’s 90 minute running time, Director Marc Meyers, serves up an enjoyable film in We Summon The Darkness that surprises as well as delights.
The cast propels the storyline further with captivating characters and while it doesn’t break new ground, the film does provide an entertaining narrative and is definitely worth checking out if you find yourself searching for a decent night in.

  • Saul Muerte