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Back in 2010, Director, writer, producer, and actor, Andrew Bowser attempted to take on all these roles in a self-funded, low-budget movie that serves as a massive homage to The Blair Witch Project.

In this instance, Bowser takes on the titular role of Jimmy Tupper, a drop-beat down and out loser, who is viewed by his friends as a waste of space stoner. 

So on one night, boozed up and blacked out, his so-called friends decide to abandon him in the woods as a prank. The next day though, Tupper fails to turn up for work. The friends go back to the woods to find a crazed and shambled Jimmy proclaiming that he had come face to face with a strange goatman. Naturally the friends dismiss this outrageous tale, so Jimmy sets out to prove them wrong by going back into the woods to get his proof.

Shot all with a handheld cam, JTvTGoB tries to capture the same style of cinematography often associated with found footage horror, and at the start of the film becomes really unsettling and disorientating, which could turn viewers off. By the time the film reaches its climax, and sat through Jimmy’s drunken rants and raves in the darkness, we hope that some form of satisfied ending would materialise but unfortanately this is not the case.

JTvTGoB has a great premise, but not enough plot or budget to pull it off successfully. There are hints that it could have been so much more, with some practical effects, and an ending that intrigues and wills the viewer for further tales with Tupper and the Goatmen. 


An intriguing attempt at creating a dark mythology set in the woods of Bowie, that plays on the idea of a town loser who tells a wild tale, only for it to bear truth. 
It may have its heart in the right place, but falls short of what it plans to deliver.