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Whilst searching through the bank of films from the Tubi catalogue, I was hoping to come across something on a similar vein to The Shining.
Yes, I know, you can stop you’re sniggering now, I should have realized that this was a tall order considering the unique position that Stanley Kubrick’s vision had on the horror genre. 

In my defense, it does boast a struggling writer holed up in a hotel room, under the guise of finishing a screenplay, but I have to admit this is a fine thread to tie these two movies together, and Do Not Disturb pales remarkably in comparison.

Starring Stephen Geoffreys (Fright Night) as troubled screenwriter Don, who seeks revenge of the death of his girlfriend so concocts a plan to off those who were involved in her murder.

The trouble is that Geoffreys performance is incredibly reserved and lacking in any emotion, so it makes it difficult for the audience to connect with him. This isn’t entirely Geoffreys fault though as he taps into a guy who is so disconnected from humanity in his vengeful journey, but in choosing to go down this route, we simply can not engage with his character. 

There are some suitably macabre moments in this low-budget movie, and the unhinged moments do enough to resonate with the character enough to wonder how it will end. Aided by Don’s agent Ava, (Tiffany Shepis – Sharknado 2, Victor Crowley) who provides the heart of the movie and is possibly our only entry point into the narrative.

It also boasts one of the last performances from 80s child actor Coey Haim, before he passed away, but this still isn’t really enough of a hook for the film itself, unfortunately. 


The film ambles along at an incredibly slow pace and tries to lift through some macabre set pieces, but ultimately leaves you drifting aimlessly to its conclusion.