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Demonic Toys is everything I loved straight to video releases in the late 80s and 90s and thanks to the online streaming platform Tubi, you can watch this little gem for free.

Brought to the local video store in 1992 by Charles Band’s Full Moon Entertainment who were fast making a name for themselves in the rental market (following Dollman and Puppet Master) for low budget, “high quality” pictures.

In this instance, the production team were smart in keeping the bulk of their shoot in one location (an abandoned warehouse) an old toy factory. 

It all kicks off with two undercover cops, Judith and Matt, who also happen to be dating, are about to snare a gun dealer. Before the deal goes down, Judith tells Matt that she is pregnant, always a bad sign and an indicator that all will not go well, particularly when Matt seems over the moon to hear this news. Cue botched gun deal and a very dead Matt. Judith takes chase after Lincoln and Hesse (the two dealers) into the afore-mentioned toy factory. 

At this time, we’re introduced to the other two players in the field, security guard Charneski and a chicken delivery guy without a cause, Mark. All of them are unaware that the factory contains a dormant demon, waiting to unleash mayhem and take on human form, and his heart set on Judith’s unborn child… naturally.

Hesse who was mortally wounded in the shoot out soon succumbs to his fate, and as he bleeds out on the factory floor some of the toys absorb his energy and spring to life with a swift and deadly act of putting Hesse out of his misery.

From here on out the antics run loose and the cheeseometer spins out of control with the crazed toys stalking and intent on claiming more victims and resurrect their master. And the would-be victims must team together and fight their way out of the factory if they are going to survive the night.

The Diagnosis:

Whilst some critics have come out and labelled this as a rehash of the Puppetmaster franchise, the toys are actually pretty nifty and ooze character, from Baby Oopsy Daisy: a grizzled man baby doll, Jack Attack: a jack in the box clown, Grizzly Teddy: a ferocious teddy bear with claws, and Mr. Static: a robot with lasers. 

Demonic Toys definitely won’t set your world on fire, but if you’re in the mood for a cheap as chips. fun ride packed into 86 mins, you won’t be disappointed. 

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  • Saul Muerte

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