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So I was about 30 seconds into the first episode and I already wanted to punch Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka).
It’s not her fault, it’s just one of those faces…I think.

I found the first 2 episodes to be so cheesy. The ‘romance’ between Sabrina and her boyfriend (Ross Lynch) was hard-to-watch, cringey and her relationship with her besties also turned something in my stomach.

I do quite like all the dark witchy stuff, not Disney’s PG crap.
Might’ve played a bit too much on Satan for a few viewers but I enjoyed it. It really spoke to the edgy teenage girl inside me.
This makes me mad but I actually kinda like the series.

Overlooking the cringe, the shots were quite pretty and the characters actually have a personality, nothing vanilla about them (except maybe Sabrina’s friends and boyfriend).
Each episode is different from the last, there’s no sense of repetition.
There is an interesting story in every one of them with of course the main plot running throughout, but not solely focusing on that.

I love Salem, however I must admit I miss the old queer talking cat from the original series (he was bisexual I swear).
The new cat is completely adorable, don’t get me wrong, and he helps with getting through all the cheese but as he lacks a voice, he also lacks a personality and that’s a shame. I am still grateful he is in the series though, I’m not sure if I could handle it if he wasn’t.
Well him and Michelle Gomez. She plays Madam Satan/ Mary Wardwell, and honestly needs to be given more screen time. I don’t need to say much about her, she’s self explanatory; a treasure of modern day TV.

The second season (if there is one) is going to suck, because they always do, but also because I believe the writers are pouring all of their creativity into this season, it’s quite full on.
It’s at a pace that would be hard to match, especially if all the main characters have already been introduced and Sabrina has already gotten over her teenage angst.
I think next season will completely stray off path and have nothing to do with season 1, or become a knock off of Charmed. Or alternatively, they will just drag on their original story as much as they can for another 12 episodes.

The Diagnosis:

To sum up, for me this series is cheesy, pretentious and I kinda hate it but annoyingly I can’t stop watching it.

  • Charlie Owen