It’s the sequel that no one really asked for but we got anyway.

The original movie pained its audience with characters we really didn’t care for, and left us championing the antagonist as it enacted revenge on the deserved victims.

In fairness, this latest outing in the ‘franchise’ at least attempts to deviate in a new direction, leaving the vengeful cyber spirit in its wake and focusing more on a reflection on the current fears surrounding cyber security or lack thereof.
It does however play out similarly to its predecessor, as we witness a collective of onliners in a chat room who become the target of a terrorist act when they are threatened to be killed if they call the police or disconnect.

This time around there are some more engaging characters though and the portrayal of the group is strong enough to make the audience care for them, but the storyline is weak and struggles to keep us… ahem… connected. Oh the irony.

The direction is just about enough to keep you hanging on to the end and offers up some nice tense moments to flicker the pulse on occasion.

The Diagnosis:

It’s an average film that ticks along at a decent pace but offers nothing new .
With Blumhouse productions attached, it’s a safe bet that the film will be enjoyable, but falls into their miss category amongst there plethora of recent hits.
It will serve as a night in when there’s nothing else to watch… which let’s face it doesn’t bode too well when there are plenty of other options out there.