Matt Frame is a director after our own heart.

Not only does he wear the Friday the 13th franchise on his sleeve, but in Camp Death 3 in 2d, he slices and dices our beloved Jason movies, spilling its entire guts on the campfire and rebuilds as a glorious homage with tongue firmly placed in cheek.

This movie is jam-packed full of overly eccentric characters where the actors are permanently delivering their performances to the max. To some viewers they may find this too grating, but for those that can bear the pace, and don’t mind the wackiness of the shots will no doubt enjoy the ride.

There are plenty of in jokes and nods to both the horror and sci-fi genre especially in the Star Wars realm. In one case, we see the “Jason” character (who in this instance is called Johann Van Damme) in a 74-Z speeder bike chase through wooded terrain with hilarious consequences.

The concept behind Camp Death 3 in 3d is a simple one. Camp counselor Todd Boogjumper intends to reopen Camp Death along with potential love interest Rachel (who harbours a dark past), and his crazed uncle Mel. Lo and behold, Johann Can Damme turns up and joyfully dispatches our campers, who just so happen to be a little unhinged themselves. There’s even a “Crazy Ralph” character in the midst too, which was pretty cool to see.

The highlight though has to be some of the upbeat musical numbers that pop up on occasion in the movie, which adds to the whole surreal style that Frame had intended throughout the film. Chief among them were from Jesus Hernandez Jr. attempting to show a softer side to his tough exterior.

The Diagnosis:

It’s college humour at it highest and most ridiculous. Think Police Academy on crack.

– Saul Muerte