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Back in 2014 Lowell Dean followed up his debut feature 13 Eerie, (a straight up horror sci-fi starring Katharine Isabelle), with a more comedy focused horror vehicle about deadbeat alcoholic cop, Lou who is transformed into a werewolf by a strange cult run by shape-shifters.

To say that it was a little off kilter is something of an understatement, but this was part of its appeal. WolfCop provided a quirky, light-hearted comedy with some amped-up, injected B-Horror.
It was a film that was a much-needed addition to the horror landscape with its heart and fur blazoned proudly on its sleeve.
So it was little surprise that it developed a decent following and even less surprising that Dean would look to follow up WolfCop for further instalment, this time titled Another WolfCop.

Returning as the booze-addled lycanthrope, Leo Fafard provides the same shtick that we came to love from the predecessor, but with the chains a little more unleashed.
Coming back to the role of Tina is Amy Matysio who somehow keeps a straight face effortlessly throughout all the mayhem that ensues.
Also returning is Jonathan Cherry as Willie Nelson, which might sound odd for those that have watched WolfCop before, but Dean does his level best to crowbar Willie’s resurrection in order to utilise the same chemistry that made that film so enjoyable the first time around.

Whilst that chemistry is still evident, it feels a little strained in places indicating that the ink may have run dry in the comedy stakes.
I hope that this isn’t the case as I do enjoy the adventures, as wild as they appear, and like the idea of WolfCop being a returning franchise.

Some of the humour slips into crass territory and feels vaguely familiar. It’s only when Kevin Smith appears on the scene as the town mayor that the slight shift in comedy makes sense.
Whilst I have loved Smith’s work in the past, Another WolfCop comes across as a distant cousin to Yoga Hosers or Tusk in places, which isn’t his finest hour.
You do tend to forgive this decision, but only partially as fans of the franchise will be willing to be dragged through the crazed antics in order to see WolfCop ripping it up again.
And hey, any reason to see Yannick Bisson (Murdoch Mysteries) ham it up as the villain of the piece is a good a reason as any.


The Diagnosis:

More alcohol fuelled anarchy from the WolfCop team that delivers a hefty punch, but the impact that lands isn’t as memorable as the first outing.
Having said that, it’s still a fun ride and worth it to see Lou Garou and the gang delve into another deranged journey.


 – Saul Muerte