Liz Drives: trailer from Mia’kate Russell on Vimeo.


Making a serious impact on the festival circuit over the past year, Liz Drives manages to raise some serious questions within its 8 ½ minute timeframe.
Director Mia ‘Kate Russell states ”Thematically the film is pretty loaded. Family, race, guilt. I tried to squeeze a lot in those eight minutes” and whilst that may seem like an awful lot to register and could very well consume most professional directors, Russell manages to allow the story to flow without feeling constrained by these strong subjects presented within, which was inspired by her father’s death and the last moment that she saw him alive.

Liz Drives is a female story focusing on two estranged sisters, Liz (Sophia Davey) and Elle (Cassandra Magrath – Wolf Creek), as they go to visit their mother.
As the story unfolds, it becomes apparent that Liz feels part of that estrangement has come from how their mother views the two of them and favours Elle more.

Both leads are exceptional in this short feature providing compelling depth to their characters that is a testament to their strength on screen and their ability to harness from an incredibly powerful script.

The Diagnosis:

Liz Drives takes the audience on a journey that questions preconceptions, misconceptions, and asks what we would do if we were faced with a dilemma that challenges our natural behavioural instincts.
Mia ‘Kate Russell has entered the celluloid world, offering a unique voice that should cement a place for her in the industry. Remember her name.

 – Saul Muerte