Every 90s kid knew the cornerstone of a great sleepover party was a block of chocolate and a scary, but still safely M-rated horror flick.
Hot on Video Ezy’s list of most borrowed were such classics as The Mummy, and The Haunting. But none were as revered, nor as feared, as the iconic Deep Blue Sea.

Naturally, I plunged into the sequel from director Darin Scott eager for some nostalgic terror feels. And I really wish I hadn’t.

Plot is as follows; a pharmaceutical company billionaire with a God complex uses bull sharks to test intelligence enhancing drugs in order to prepare humans for the day robots take over the world.
Cue something going horribly wrong, laboratory flooding, and scientists spending the duration of the film madly paddling away from aforementioned sharks.

Essentially, its the same story as the original, just lamer.

The only drastic change was the addition of a new monster.
Oh, to have been a fly on the wall when the writers brainstormed creatures more terrifying than genetically modified killer-sharks.
Their answer; the spawn of genetically modified killer-sharks. Cause nothing sends fear into the hearts of man like a whirlpool of baby sharks.

Weird directorial decisions are as follows; the use of primary-coloured light filters in the flooded hallways so that the audience can tell the difference between the hallways.
A laughably unnecessary scene consisting entirely of the buxom female protagonist undressing.
Cutting to the eyeball of a floating shark peering through a window, casually eavesdropping on the mean conversation happening inside. But now I’m just ruining it.

The Diagnosis:

Look, if you’re a fan of poorly made, straight-to-dvd horror flicks, then you may want to sink your teeth into this one for a bit of a laugh. Just don’t go looking for the huddling-under-the-sleeping bag kind of chills from your childhood. These were eaten by ravenous baby sharks.

– Ellin Williams