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Cruising down the freeway, with music blaring on the car stereo, we are introduced to Jax, as she sings along in a slightly off-key manner and seemingly without a care in the world.

But who is Jax? Why is she drifting through the desert with a devil-may-care attitude?

This beautifully shot short film, which has been making a mark on the festival circuit and setting tongues wagging enters into the viewers world with an aimlessness that echoes the ever-expanding landscape which marks its setting, somehow lures you in and with each passing frame, we discover more and more to Jax’s complex character.

With Academy Award nominee, Colin Campbell at the helm, this film is in safe hands as he crafts together a story which unfolds smoothly and each reveal feels natural as a result.

Writer Rakefet Abergel has a firm grasp on her creation of the titular Jax, and it should come as no surprise that she takes on the lead on-screen too.
Her shift from naivety and innocence, to a strong, dynamic confidence is a believable one, and in many ways the viewer is left feeling sympathetic to her plight, which is a testament to Abergel’s craftmanship.

The Diagnosis:

A well crafted story that hinges on Jax’s character.
Thankfully both writer and director have the make up to produce a complex figure that is definitely not who she seems.
The journey is an enduring one but with a destination is well worth the wait.

Jax In Love is still doing the festival circuits at the time of writing.

Do yourself a favour. If it’s in your neighbourhood, check out one of the following festivals and catch Jax In Love and many more:

Oregon Scream Week – February 16-17
Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival – February 21 – March 2
Pasadena Film Festival – March 7 – 14
Indie Horror Film Festival – March 16 – 18

  • Saul Muerte