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By now most people would be familiar with this film as the self-financed project of Andrew Getty,  an American oil heir, businessman, film director and philanthropist.

A project that would take 15 years to make, primarily shot within his mansion including one room that was converted into an edit suite.

The tragedy though would be that Getty wouldn’t see the completion of his passion due to an untreated ulcer that would take his life.

The question though comes down to whether or not all that turmoil was worth it?

Without wanting to speak ill of the dead, the answer is partly yes, but mainly no.

The premise is simple enough, telling the story of a special needs boy, Dennis (played by Frederick Poehler), providing a highly credible performance.

Dennis begins to talk to his reflection in the mirror, which takes on a demonic presence portrayed by horror veteran Michael Berryman.

This demonic presence starts by haunting Dennis in his dreams before manipulating him to commit acts of murder.

The Evil Within‘ references the Dark history that lurks in Dennis past. A genius who was allegedly pushed down the stairs by his elder brother, John (Sean Patrick Flanery). The injuries of which resulted in his physical and mental state.

On paper, it feels like there is enough material there to make this an exceptional film, but the end result comes across as more of a misfire, perhaps down to being too scrutinised and worked over, that it feels more like a late night television movie as a result.

It’s a shame as it could have been so much more.

Worth a watch as there are some pretty cool effects before but just barely.

  • Paul Farrell