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WHEN I first heard about the Horror Movie Campout earlier this year, I instantly fell in love with this notion of a festival dedicated to like minded individuals all eager to have their appetite for all things blood and gore.

I had to be there and immerse myself amongst the horde and delight in the horror that lay before me.

So, I have to thank the organisers of this event for setting the stage for what was a truly awesome night ahead.

As you can see from the video below, I was pumped.

And then some.


There was plenty to keep the crowd satiated, from a death chamber, side entertainments such as magicians, eating contests, and of course the bar, food trucks, laser tag, and did we mention the bar?

The main attraction though, would be two features for the night that were selected for the night by the horde themselves from a selection chosen by the Horror Movie Campout committee.

Check out our responses in the video below.


So that concludes our assessment of the festival.

A special nod to all the horror fans and those that came dressed to suit the occasion.

Some great cosplay action going on including Freddy, Jason, and that dastardly Michael Myers.

Bring on the next one.