PAUL LENI would round out his trio of Universal movies with The Last Warning before his death from blood poisoning.

Laura La Plante would also return for both Director and Universal having received success from her most notable role, The Cat and The Canary.

With The Cat and the Canary, Universal planned to recapture that lightning in a bottle moment by re-teaming Leni and La Plante.

The plotline itself is actually quite an interesting one.

5 years ago, a theatre closes its doors when one of the actors is murdered on stage.

A producer then decides to try and solve this mystery by re-staging the play with the same cast, only to have yet another murder occur.

It’s a great concept, filled with intrigue and menace that could play a deeply unnerving spectacle had it been delivered in the right manner.

As it stands though, Leni was unable to ignite that same level of supernatural element from his previous movie and in doing-so, The Last Warning loses the horror element and merely plays out as a mystery, albeit with a good tale.

Unfortunately some of the scenes have been lost in this movie over time, but it still stands a part of the canon in the lead up to Universal’s golden era of horror.

Paul Farrell