NOW THAT WAS a twist of epic proportions.

But before we get a-“head” of ourselves, I’d like to dissect this weeks episode “the griefbearers” and delve into whether or not THAT moment was a shocking one or if the writers are using gimmicks to wallpaper over the cracks that are starting to appear in the storyline.

  1. “It worms its way in and lays its little eggs”

    Those be fighting words.As the 2 priests ordain to complete the exorcism of Casey, they come together in an almighty clash.

    Tempers mount and the ‘handbags’ are laid down between them.

    Despite the rift, Father Marcus and Father Tomas are able to right themselves and see it for what it is.

    The devil forcing them apart for his own gain.

  2. Back to the basement 

    In an attempt to wring out every last ounce of the original story, why not go back to where it all began?In this case when Regan/Angela first encountered Captain Howdy.

    It felt like an obvious thing to do, and the scene tried to embody emotion but it just felt forced and empty.

    It’s a Catch 22 when you’re trying to pay homage to the original but compose enough of an originator to make it your own.

    But in this instance, it didn’t quite hit the mark.

  3. Elevate good times 

    So, with one final moment of elevation, it would appear that Casey’s soul has been saved and all is right in the world. But with 2 eps to go, how will the Rance’s come together and move on?And just because we see one possessed homeless guy lull himself, is it really over?

  4. Father Bennett is outnumbered 

    After confronting the Friars of Ascension last week, it was only a matter of time before the wolves would circle their prey.Father Bennett’s demise came at the hands of someone he wrongfully trusted.Which just goes to show how wide the cult had seeped its way into the Chicago community.

    And just when you started to become intrigued by his character, he’s written out in what is probably the first tragic death in the series. (But not the last – even in this episode)

    In the end Father Bennett played things by the book, unwilling to break the rules and in doing so he met his maker.

    A lesson to be learned there perhaps?

  5. The writings on the wall for Chris McNeil 

    It was inevitable that Chris McNeil would also meet an end, especially as predicted a few weeks back when she followed in the footsteps of Father Merrin’s grand entrance.It wasn’t predictable however, how her fate would be acted out, at the hands her own daughter Regan.

    Why does this leave things now?

    How long has Regan’s soul been taken over by the demon.

    Is there any hope left for the Rance’s.

With 2 episodes left to go, it’s hard to picture a happy ending.

Especially as the devil has such a firm grip on the community.