Someone's-Watching-Me OUR THIRD ENTRY into the John Carpenter Early Years discussions is little known TV movie, Someone’s Watching Me.

The fact that this movie has fallen by the wayside in Carpenter’s canon of work is know real surprise, but for enthusiasts, this is definitely worth a visit.

Despite heavy nods and influences from another legend, Alfred Hitchcock, there are early indications of what was to come infused throughout.

Carpenter himself would admit that he learnt his craft in the making of Someone’s Watching Me and keen observers would note that there are a lot of similarities to his next movie, (and the one that would pave a fine selection of movies in arguably one of the best runs in film history) Halloween.

A now much-recognised trait is used here with the stalker POV, as the camera observes the victim or intended victims from afar, and the overall framing and flow of the movie would be repeated in the slasher flick.

It must be a subject that intrigued Carpenter as he once quoted, “Everybody’s a voyeur.”

A simple premise that plays on us the audience, allowed into the world of the killer, with a sense of guilty pleasure and would go on to influence many directors and writers to come.

So with that in mind, The Surgeons of Horror team lift the lid of this little-known movie to discover if it really is a hidden gem or best left forgotten.

Listen to our thoughts and opinions in the podcast below.