THE MOMENT THAT THIS SEQUEL begins you know that you are already in for a completely different beast from its predecessor.

Dick Durock returns as the man in the suit and struts his stuff with the kind of machismo campness that only the 80’s could get away with.

Before you know it, the opening credits roll over a series of comic images from DC’s publications with Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Born On The Bayou kicking in with its upbeat rhythms and you are drawn into the groove from the get-go.

Yes – the acting is hammy and Louis Jourdan returns as the villainous Arcane, eats up the scenery and appears to be enjoying every moment that he’s on screen, but the movie is completely aware of its identity and is delivered with tongue firmly in cheek.

We have some familiar faces in Heather Locklear (Melrose Place) as Arcane’s daughter and the heroine / love interest of the piece.

Along with the magnificent Sarah Douglas (Ursa in Superman and Taramis in Conan the Destroyer) both playing to the same tune.

All of which, leaves the audience with an upbeat, feel-good notion to the movie, mainly because it doesn’t take itself seriously and dare I say, marginally better than the original?

Let me make this clear – It’s not the best of movies – not by a long shot, but somehow because it wears its identity firmly on its sleeve, the audience almost forgives its sins and happily plods along with it regardless of its flaws, but only marginally.