SUCH WAS THE IMPACT that Wes Craven’s feature, The Last House On The Left had on the film industry, it was inevitable that Hollywood would look at a remake.

What is interesting about this film is that the masterminds behind the original, Wes Craven and Sean Cunningham came on board as producers.

Certainly the theme still could hold strong with a modern audience, as parents seeking revenge on their daughters’ near-death experience at the hands of some vile representatives of humanity.

The key difference from the original though is that in this instance, the daughter survives and is also on hand to exact revenge.
Where as the character was not so fortunate in the first instance.

There are other obvious differences too.

We’re dealing with a much more polished vehicle this time around and dare I say it? A higher level of acting ability on show too.

Most notably for me though is how the horrid affair plays out in the woods when our antagonists prey on their victims.

This time around, it has a much harder edge, and the brutality and physicality of their actions seem a lot harder to bear.

The 1972 movie was shocking for the fact that it didn’t allow the viewer to shift away from the ordeal that took place and were left empty at the daughters’ demise.

Here though, she survives, but just barely, having to fight tooth and nail to escape with every once of her being.

Once in the ‘safety’ of her home, then things just get crazy as all hell breaks loose.

Definitely one to watch and a lot better than I thought it would be, perhaps due to Craven and Cunningham’s eyes watching over the project?

Stars: Tony Goldwyn (Ghost – and no he will never shake that off), Monica Potter (Along Came A Spider, Saw), Garret Dillahunt (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), Spencer Treat Clark (Unbreakable), and Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad)

– Paul Farrell