Season 1: Wes Craven – The Early Years

Season 1: Wes Craven – The Early Years

Our first Season focuses on a pioneer in the field of horror, who throughout his career introduced iconic films that still resonate today.

Wes Craven’s are so embedded in horror culture that his films have spawned numerous spin-offs and remakes over the years.

In order to dissect this prolific director’s career, we begin where we should, at the beginning and review the movies that helped harness his vision and send him on the pathway to success.

So, join us in our podcast discussions below:

Surgeons of Horror_Icon 1.1 – Last House On The Left (1972)
The first movie in question is, The Last House On The Left, made in 1972 along with     fellow horror legend, Sean Cunningham (Friday the 13th) who was the films producer.

Surgeons of Horror_Icon 1.2 – The Hills Have Eyes (1977)
For his sophomore outing, Craven would explore similar ground to The Last House On The Left.
This time, The Hills Have Eyes would see a whole family being besieged upon by a family of mutants in the remote mid-west of the United States.

Surgeons of Horror_Icon 1.3 – Stranger In Our House aka Summer of Fear (1978)
Summer of Fear would be Wes Craven’s third film as director and his first outing into the television arena.

Surgeons of Horror_Icon 1.4 – Deadly Blessing (1981)
Deadly Blessing is one of those movies that appear to have fallen completely off the radar.
Craven himself has stated that whenever he mentioned this being one of his movies, he was met with blank stares.

Surgeons of Horror_Icon 1.5 – Swamp Thing (1982)
As we continue with our podcast discussions – Wes Craven – The Early Years discussions, we now draw our attention to his fourth outing in the director’s chair.
Swamp Thing would be the first non-Batman or Superman related live-action movie for DC and it would fall on the shoulders of Craven to turn this around.

Surgeons of Horror_Icon 1.6 – Invitation To Hell (1984)
Invitation To Hell marks another entry into the TV movie world for Wes Craven.
With all due respect to Craven, this certainly feels like a TV movie too.

Surgeons of Horror_Icon 1.7 – The Hills Have Eyes Part 2 (1985)
The seventh and last feature for our Wes Craven Season 1 discussion centres on his first sequel and with it a potential to start a franchise.
Needless to say, The Hills Have Eyes Part 2 would not live up to expectations and the franchise would end up dead in the water despite reaching a cult status. Subsequently there have been 2 recent film adaptations based on the original and a comic book to boot.